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If you are just thinking about expanding to Romania, be sure to drop us a notice: We have all latest information on public-private partnerships, Taxation, information about existing infrastructure, human resources and statistics of foreign direct investment in Romania. 
We can get you started or guide you through the different stages in the process, so you will not be put to a hold because of forgotten steps in the procedure. 
We have all specialists and resources in house to guide you through all the necessary steps, from start-up to full completion of the project. 
These specialists have all necessary know how to assist you in your accountancy and financial administration. We have fiscal experts, legalized by Romanian government, so that you can rest assure we are fully up to speed with all changing requirements and legislations. 
On top of that we can offer you via our partnerships several IT services: maintenance and installations of PC, making and maintaining of websites. 
Or customers are wide spread, we provide services for self-employed persons, small companies, medium sized and even big customers. 
We have experience in setting up shared service centers for Western European companies in Romania and Bulgaria. For one of our bigger Belgian customers we moved with success their complete financial and administration organization from their headquarters in Belgium to their Romanian subsidiary. Today they independently take care of processing thousands of incoming and outgoing invoices, bank statements and all financial related administration. For this Belgian customer we arranged direct VAT registrations in Romania and Slovakia, their Romanian shared service center now takes care of VAT, intrastate, ESL listings, etc in Belgium, Romania and Slovakia. They saved in this way 60% of their former related administration expenses in Belgium. We have also ERP consultants available with Oracle knowledge and assisted in oracle financials roll-outs for customers in Belgium, Germany, North-America, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Slovakia, Netherlands, France and Romania. Also we have licensed OPENerp consultants in house. We also can assist you in setting up business plans used to attract capital from banks or angel investors, we have consultants available with a broad network and experience in national and international banking. Our goal is to provide solutions that can be adapted to virtually any business with cut-and-paste ease, growing your business smoothly, predictably, and without a lot of undesired headaches. Are these solutions for everyone? ABSOLUTELY! From startup to mature company, and anywhere in between, these solutions help you put your day-to-day oversight, and the future success of your business on autopilot. Are you tired of struggling to make a success of your business and feel you can't afford to recruit additional support... we can show you the way out of your dilemma... Let our essential sound business practices expertise put your business on the tracks to incredible success... starting today.”